Death Grips Tells Their Label to Fuck Off

Death Grips, No Love, Deep Web

Update: In the surprise of the century (#sarcasm) Epic Records looks to drop Death Grips from their contract.

The saga of Death Grips vs. Epic Records as the Sacramento rappers released a confidential cease and desist letter sent to their manager by Epic Records VP Heath Kudler. In the letter Kudler expresses how “upset and disappointed” the label is with them. The conflict between the band and its label began when Epic pushed back the release date of their album No Love Deep Web to 2013, back from its originally scheduled October 24th drop date. The band felt like they were being taken advantage of (remember they had cancelled a large part of their tour in support of The Money Store in order to finish it) and subsequently went on to leak the album to several file sharing sites and on their personal website. When the site crashed, probably from the high volume of traffic it received, they went on to accuse Epic Records sabotaging them.

I’m all for artists controlling their own distributing rights and telling the corporate oligarch to fuck off, but I worry that we might have seen the last of the angry iconoclasts. Hopefully they’ll fight through the blacklisting their sure to receive and make it back to the top, whether on a major label or not.


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